For new podcasters signing onto the platform, these are the steps you should take to make sure you are ready to monetize your fanbase.

Claim Your Podcast

Click on Claim Podcasts in the top right of the page. Then, search for you podcast cast by name, or pasting in your RSS feed link.

We use the email listed in your podcast’s RSS feed to verify ownership - if you don’t have an email listed in your feed you will get a message about contacting support. The easiest way to claim your podcast in this situation is to add your email to your RSS feed - you can always remove it after your podcast has been claimed if you do not wish to have it remain in your public feed.


Once you have clicked on link in the validation email, you will be asked to either login, or create a new PremoCast account that allows you to manage your podcast.

Once your account has been claimed, you will see it listed under the My Podcasts link. Just click the “Manage Podcast” button next to the podcast you would like to manage:

Getting Set Up to Monetize


Getting You Paid


In order of PremoCast to be able to pay you, we need you to accept our Terms of Use, and provide the information required for our partner (Stripe) to validate your identity, and get you paid. Once you are verified, you will be able to accept all forms of payment from your listeners, including Tips/Donations, Product Purchases, In-App On-Demand Purchases, and Monthly Subscriptions (coming soon).

Account validation happens on a per podcasts basis. So, just log in, select the podcast you want to manage, and then select the gear icon, and choose “Getting You Paid” from the drop down menu.

Fee's Breakdown

PremoCast will only charge 5% plus credit card fees to facilitate and transactions on the platform. For credit cards transactions, we use Stripe; for in-app purchases Apple will charge 30%. The breakdown like this:

Accepting Tips

Accepting Tips and Recurring Tips are the easiest way to start generating income from your listeners. Once you are validated, encourage your users to donate tips to you through the app!



Shopify allows you to easily sell physical and virtual products from with the app. The first step is to create a store if you don’t have one, or connect your existing store. You can create a Shopify store to use with PremoCast using Shopify Lite, for only $9/month:



If you already have a Shopify store, login to to PremoCast, select the podcast you would like to manage, and then click on the “Shopify” link in the top left of your screen. If you store is not yet connected to PremoCast, you will see a form for entering your Shopify store link.

Clicking on Sync will then prompt to you login to Shopify:

After login you will be directed to the PremoCast login page. Then, login, click on the Shopify link, and you will see the products from your store listed (if you have any in your PremoCast channel), and you will also see a link to Manage your store.


NOTE: this link will only show products that are included in your PremoCast Shopify channel, and thereby also listed in the app.

By clicking on the Manage Store  link, your Shopify store will open in a new tab, and you will be able to add products to the app using the PremoCast channel for your store. Once you are logged into the store, click the All Products from the left navigation in Shopify to list all your products.


Your products will now show in the PremoCast Shopify page. These products will also show in the app, and also be available to select for use with Hooks to encourage your listeners to buy the your merchandise.

Your products will now show in the PremoCast Shopify page. These products will also show in the app, and also be available to select for use with Hooks to encourage your listeners to buy the your merchandise.

Using Printful for Fulfillment allows you to use your logo to create a whole line of products that can be ordered, fulfilled, and shipped on-demand, with no interaction required by you as the owner of the store. Because it’s on-demand, you don’t have to worry about managing stock levels - they will only create and print your orders as they come in. Your optional list of products includes many high-quality items from cell phone cases, towels, name brand shirts, clutch bags, assorted hats and much more. For a complete list of products, click here.


Login to Shopify (by clicking on the Shopify > Manage Store) and click on Apps in the left hand navigation., click on App, in left navigation), and search for Printful - Printing and Warehousing.

•   Click the “Get App” button

•   Click on Install App

•   Click on Create an account at Printful or sign in with your existing account - no need to enter a password

•   Click on add product - try select a product that best makes the most sense for you audience!

•   See the Printful documentation of how to use the ⦁    mockup generator to create new products

•   Here’s a Printful article on how to ⦁    create branded phone cases.

•   In Shopify, be sure to add your products to PremoCast channel for them to show up in the store.

•   IMPORTANT: Be sure to add a current credit card to Printful, otherwise they won’t be able to fulfill your orders automatically. We charge your customers before passing the orders to Printful has no way of knowing this before processing your orders.

NOTE: Under your Shopify settings, you can also select to fulfill your orders manually if you would like to wait until you get paid by Stripe (usually within a few days) before processing the orders to fulfillment.

Earnings Reports Dashboard

From the web app earnings dashboard, you can see all your sales from within the app. You can also issue refunds for returns or cancelled product orders.

To get to the Earnings Reports, first login and select the account you would like to manage. Then, from the upper right hand menu, click on the gear settings icon, and then select the Earnings Reports. You’ll see the following page:


For products bought through Shopify, you can issue refunds for returned or cancelled orders. Just pull up the Products Purchased detail report (pictured above) and then click on the Refund.

⦁    Refunding the order will not cancel it - it will merely return the money to the customer
⦁    To completely cancel the order, you must cancel it in Shopify and Printful (if the order was being fulfilled 
through Printful)
⦁    When Refunding product purchases, the entire amount will be returned to the customer, but the 5% PremoCast 
fee, and Stripe transactions fees will not be refunded.

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