How To Get Started

Letting your fans tip you, or selling merchandise directly from your podcast doesn't have to be complicated. Here's the step-by-step to get earning money by connecting directly with your audience!

1. Get Verified!

2. Getting You Paid

3. Accepting Tips

4. Shopify

5. Purchase On-Demand

6. Premium Memberships

7. Hooks

Claiming Your Podcast - Get Verified!

We use the email address listed in your RSS feed to verify podcast ownership. If no email is currently listed in your feed, but sure to add one - you can always remove it after validation.


Getting You Paid


We use Stripe, the best in class service provider for accepting online payments. For added security, we don’t save any of your payment information locally on our servers. Just click the gear icon and select "Getting You Paid"


Accepting Tips

Accepting Tips and Recurring Tips are the easiest way to start generating income from your listeners. Once you are verified, encourage your listeners to donate tips  through the app!



Shopify allows you to easily sell physical and virtual products from with the app. The first step is to create a store if you don’t have one, or connect your existing store. Visit to create a store for as little as $9/month using the Shopify Lite plan.


Purchase On-Demand

On-Demand content can be video or audio tracks that your listeners can purchase and view right from within the app. Use the feature to create premium content for your audience! Set your own prices - your in control!


Premium Memberships

With Premium Memberships*, you can offer your audience a channel for members only content. Set your own price that right for YOUR audience, and offer them premium content on a recurring monthly subscription. 

*feature coming soon



Just claim your podcast, and we'll send you an email when your podcast is ready for Hooks!  You can then start adding the interactive links and graphics to your episodes - just drag in the image you want to use, choose the type of hook you want, paste in the link, hit Save and BOOM! Interactive episodes! Check our Hooks page to see all the different types we offer.


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